food poisoning is no fun especially if u had fever while in your flight :(

» Redirect your old tumblr links to your new url


A quick Google search told me that apparently no one knows how to do this properly :P It’s possible to redirect all your links from your old tumblr link to your new tumblr link (assuming you saved your old URL). This isn’t just redirecting to your new tumblr’s homepage.

This is…


Illustrations by Blaine Fontana for Forgive Durden’s concept album, “Razia’s Shadow: A Musical”


phil collins went off doing the tarzan soundtrack.

he ain’t have to go that hard like that.



holy fucking shit

is this real holy shit

see ya later Cancún ✌️


what is he getting out of this

  • me: so do u like dogs
  • her: nah they're kinda gross
  • me: 
  • me: my mama said I gotta come home right now immediately